Bulprisa Meet 2012 Volleyball Champion

After so many years, here we go again. I’m so proud of Saint Jean Baptiste Academy or SJ, as we fondly call it, for producing champions especially at the most unexpected times. The first and last time we snatched the gold from a defending champion for 7 years was in 2005. If my memory serves me right, I think SJ landed 4th during Bulacan Private Schools Association 2012 meet. But this year, they came back with a spectacular vindication. This year’s team bagged the gold with great stats (6 wins and 0 losses). Every rally was heart-stopping that my hands were actually shaking a little.Every member of the team worked really hard as they moved every muscle just to keep the ball from the ground. To save the ball even if the ball could not be possibly salvaged. And let me commend the captain, Nina Perez, for keeping the team together. She never got angry at any member who erred. She used positive reinforcement until the very last moments of the last set.

In a nutshell:

Defense: ✔

Offense: ✔

Character: ✔✔✔

Three for character because the girls knew that they did not have to trash talk nor bash the other teams’ players. More than anything else, it was character that brought them to the top. And I LOVED that!

The BULPRISA MEET 2012 Volleyball Champion

The Verdict: SJBA (3 wins – 1 loss) vs. SMCB (1 win – 3 losses)

This is definitely partially beside the point but let me just tell you how amazing the chapel area looked. I liked this part of my Alma Mater. The moment you set foot on it, you are suddenly channeled to a different place. On that day, one wouldn’t even guess that a volleyball game was being held across it. It was a tiny bit like a secret garden in the covered court.

Don’t you just love those hanging vines?


I have not mentioned that weeks before the BULPRISA Meet, my team had a tune-up game with Montessori de Sagarda’s volleyball teams. We were invited by one of my teammate’s mom, Ma’am Ruby Rona, who is teaching in the said school, to play/practice with them. All in all, it was a great experience. Not being able to play a sport that we are passionate about for years is weakening. We though we’ve missed it enough for us to make time and clear our scheds for it. But when we started playing, the word enough was not enough. “So much” were the right words.

We’re missing our setter, Mean. ☹

We might have another tune-up game but this time with SJBA. I am so very E-X-C-I-T-E-D! I wish I could watch the provincial meet but I have this finals week that I must mind over things that I should prioritize less.

P.S.: Congratulations to St. Mary’s for a great game. You did a really great job, too. :}


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