The Genius Behind Zuma

I was given the chance to meet and dine with Ron Fernandez’s family. As mentioned in one of my blogs, Ron, aka Kabs, is one of my best friends in the whole world. We planned to meet up, head straight to Alabang, and try this new app he’s been bragging about. The app’s actually cool! You may pick a sing, challenge users and compete. And for hopeless singers like us, it’s heaven! Hahaha. Only thing is, of course, it has to be done on-line.
And back to the main thing. I am not a comic fan. More so, I do not collect comics. But I grew up fascinated with Darna, a character that was first introduced in comics. We know Darna, her perfect figure and the ‘puting bato’ which she always asked from Ding. Although I grew up knowing that Darna’s the superstar, she was not it that night. Zuma was. Aside from spending time with a friend’s family, which was already special and fun in itself, I met the maker of the famous fictional character, Zuma, one of Darna’s nemeses, in the person of Mr. Jim Fernandez. Yes, that Zuma. The guy wearing a huge snake like a scarf around the neck. Dragging me into that dinner was not part of the plan but nevertheless, I was made part of it. Gazillion thanks to Ron’s parents and uncles for always being kind and generous.

– ☼ –

2 yummy slabs of baby back ribs. Ron and I were the ones who consumed the most of it. ☺

Meet the genius, Mr. Jim Fernandez.

– ☼ –

As we devoured our dinner, Ron’s uncles and parents tried to collect some words of wisdom from the 20-something boy and girl. They were talking about relationships and women. Mainly because we’re still fairly innocent and naive about the things they discussed, we could not really contribute. The topic was not really off the radar but it was something that we would learn as we age and as we grow with our partners. One of the gentlemen asked me if I have seen Camelot. I answered no so he convincingly said I ‘should’ see it. “It’s a great movie,” Ron’s uncle said. This whole conversation led our comic man, Mr. Jim, to recall and share these lines from the mentioned movie. He said, “To love a woman you must love her, simply love her, and only love her.” The words that were told to King Arthur when he could not understand Guinevere. ☺


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