Boracay Getaway

White sand, waves, sea water, shakes, bikinis, and the night life — some few words that automatically pop up when we mention Boracay. It’s been a long time coming!! Finally, I am now licensed to personally testify on the impeccable beauty of Boracay Island. We had been planning this trip for years but things always had their way to meddle, causing us to turn down the inviting island. My cousins from LA even got to see Boracay before us. It was just a bit sad that my tita Crissy and cousin Codi were not able to tag along since they had to fly back to Florida ASAP.

We left Bulacan by 5:00 AM to catch our 9:30 AM flight. Well, it turned out we were 4 hours too early. Good thing Kris Aquino was really entertaining on her morning show. Kris TV showed Vigan, Ilocos Sur. Perhaps, it could be the family’s next destination. I especially loved the food they featured — Pinakbet, Pakbet na pizza, Longganisa, Empanada, etc.

Patio Pacific Boracay welcomed us with necklaces made with shells and soothing glasses of green juice. Patio Pacific Boracay’s rate was P4,500 per night, which was rather expensive because we found out that there were hotels that offered almost the same services for less. But I’d give Patio an 8.5/10. The rooms were pretty, clean, and inviting. The pool’s water was warm. They had a gym and a wall for, of course, wall climbing. They claimed that it’s the highest in all of Boracay Island.

First day was somewhat wasted since we were all drained by the all-day travel. We landed on Kalibo soil at 1:30 PM. Took the bus and boat and reached the appointed destination at around 4:30 PM already.

Second day was much better. Commenced the day with a heavy breakfast with the family. Din, my sister’s boyfriend, took the picture. Hence, his absence. Tita Jojie and Tito Vincent stayed in a different hotel. Would have been so much better if we all had stayed at Patio Pacific.

– ☼ –

I was hoping to say good morning to crispy bacons but they did not serve them that morning. It’s all good, still.

Pancakes, French toasts, butter and jelly, fresh fruit juice, Tawilis, scrambled egg and rice for me. And oh! Add a couple of tasty sausages!

My mother and father being all too sweet. HHWWPSSP. HAHAHA!

I felt so blessed to have seen this so early in the morning! Thank You, Lord. I could stay here all day just reading the Shopaholic series!

Din and Elisha.

Ate Hannah and Din.


The happy happy girl!

Lunch at the hotel.

The yummy lunch prepared by Patio Pacific staff.

Boracay at night.


Dinner at CYMA. Thanks for the treat, Din!

Lambs. Lambs. Yummy LAMBS! Something Greek for dinner.

The couples.

The past few days were heavy for the family. The 3-day rest at Boracay was very much needed. I thank God that despite the loss, we were happy. He showed us that there is beauty left in small and big things; it is something to be thankful for no matter what happens.


– ☼ –



  1. I’ve been to the Philippines three times. I still haven’t been able to go to Boracay, it’s on the ‘to do’ list

  2. Oh it’s lovely, lovely place. Almost a paradise. You should definitely go visit Boracay. Fine place! :}

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