Hosting Stint

On two different dates, to wit: December 9, 2012 (ACTS 32nd Anniversary) and December 14, 2012 (My niece’s dedication day), I hosted. Hosting was never one of my favorite things before. By and by, though, my interest in it has grown. My first hosting stint was during a school event. If my memory serves me right, we were celebrating Teacher’s Day. I was so clueless that I was very repetitive of the words I used. I reckon now my audience knew, or in the least, noticed that I was a novice. Well, in the present day, I have not really honed this hosting skill although my being a declaimer back in elementary and in high school really helped a lot. The skills I developed in declaiming largely help me in taming my jitters. Once I face the audience, my facade should manifest the character I desire to portray. And that, I think, I fairly achieve most of the time. But, again, there are A LOT of things that need improvements. Because presently all I know about hosting is that I must entertain the audience. There’s gotta be more to it than mere entertainment, right? Like if the audience demands class or pagiging masa, I should be able to relate and deliver well and thoroughly. Perhaps summer can be a good time to learn and develop. I’m excited. ☺

Here are some pictures taken on December 9, 2012:


Thanks to my baby brother for this lovely photo.


Right before hosting for the church anniversary. It’s our kubo’s gate.


  Thanks to Mr. Momar Balsamo for helping the church too. He was my co-host. Us at the backstage.


Ronny, the drummer. The lights are fantastic in this photo.


My co-host and I doing our job! ☺


The youth while performing The Champion. This play never gets old. Always powerful and catchy.


Praise and worship celebration. The youth letting out the suppressed energy and elation.


Many people attended the event. More or less 450 people. The photo doesn’t show the entire area, though.

I know in my heart that God touched these people.

♥ ♥ ♥

Some pictures taken on December 14, 2012:


Cake by Fernando’s.


I made this photo for the the tarpaulin. They said it was cute and pretty. Yey! Anything for Baby Bliss. ♥


Ate Ruth (Cousin), Kuya Xerwin (Cousin-in-law), and Baby Xarriah Bliss (Niece).


Happy family. ☺


Bliss was attentive. You’re a good girl, poppet!


Meet the woman behind the mouth-watering roast beef. Meet Ate Andrea.


Catering: La Familia


The spot where I waited until I spoke to host again.


Meet my siblings.


My sister, Ate Hannah.


My baby brother, Elisha.


Ate Hannah, Din, Momar, and Pat.


Yo! Sir. Might want to drop the formal facade. HAHAHA! Wacky!!


Ate Hannah and Din.


The sisters and the cousins. They went back to China already. ☹


Changing of costumes. Cutipiiiieeee! ♥


And here’s to a beautiful night! Pardon the baggy eyes. I worked on Xarriah’s video, tarpaulin, and invitation the whole week. ♥


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  1. Continuate cos, bravi!

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