Who Stands With And For You?

They say a man’s life is like a roller-coaster ride. There are ups and downs. Like triumphs and defeats, health and sickness, life and death, and blessings and testings. There are loops that do not seem to come to an end. Like bondages, sins, situations, problems, and burdens. Sometimes it excites us. Sometimes it rattles us.

Inevitable. As much as we want to stay in the light, there will be times when we will have to face defeat, sin, sickness, trials, and problems. And when we face them, we are suddenly bombarded with the overwhelming pressure to make a decision. Whether we pick the right choices or not, we ALWAYS need people who will stand WITH us and FOR us. People who will stand WITH us to motivate us, to back up the faith that God instills in us, and to help us grow and thrive wherever we are purposefully placed by the Almighty. People who will stand FOR us to guide us as we press on, to lead us back when we make wrong turns, and to remind us of our identity in Christ. People who will stand to fight WITH us and FOR us.

In the world, Batman has Robin, Spongebob has Patrick, Harvey Specter has Donna Paulsen and Mike Ross. In the bible, Jesus had 12 disciples, Paul had Silas, and Moses had Aaron.

You and I need these “WITH and FOR” people in our lives. Life is beautiful in its entirety. But life, as mentioned, has downs and loops too. You and I need people who will believe in us. You and I need people who will tell us, “My friend, that’s not right.” You and I need people who will lovingly invest in our growth in all aspects of life (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, socially, financially). You and I need partners.

I’d like to honor in this blog the women that the Lord has been using in my life. They may blow the whistle when they see something wrong, but I am 150% sure that when they do, they do it out of love, hope, and faith.

– ☼ –


The official Victory Group (VG) meeting place, Starbucks Pioneer!


The Christmas party at CYMA. I was not able to attend because I had class. ☹


Meet Ate Ivy. She’s our Victory Group leader. You are a blessing Ate Ivy! ❤


Look! We’re complete! Ate Lorie, Liezl, Me, Shyne, Ate Ivy, Liza, Joey, and Steph (L-R).

I ❤ you all. Thank you for everything. Thank you for the prayers, laughters, giggles, tears, non-stop conversation/chikahan, kulitan, hugs, advice, etc. The items of the list goes on and on. See you tomorrow, girls. ☺


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